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What better way to show you're a trend-whore then twitter?
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Tune in as I ruin an otherwise perfectly productive day by playing video games instead!
This is also my main chat/IM client if you want to get hold of me.

Oh god, real life interactions! The horror!
If you HAVE to add me, make sure you let me know who the hell you are else I'll just ignore it..

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So, it's a blog. It probably sucks. This is where I put the stuff that's too large or not whiny enough for Twitter.

Videos are found here. They may or may not be shiny. Expect no more then one upload per year.

It's a video site much like YouTube, just way snobbier and nicer looking.

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Check out how much time I waste on video games!

Come look at all the furry smut I've faved. I'm sure you'll love it! (unless you hate it, in which case you won't love it)

Ask me questions! Technical ones, funny ones, suggestive ones, inquisitive ones or even outright rude ones!

I can also be reached on skype as "Nitrammn" and email "nitraetc at gmail com"

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